Living With Nuclear Power (NG Revisited)

Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, Pennsylvania; photo by Chris Hamilton

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has resulted in damage to one nuclear reactor on Honshu Island, and a second is at risk. The world has seen nuclear disasters before, notably 25 years ago next month, in Chernobyl. Use the links below to find out what happened during the Chernobyl meltdown and see who lives there now. Then find out what the experts say about the potential future of nuclear energy, often touted as a better way to provide clean energy to an energy-hungry world.


  • 2006 April–National Geographic magazine. The Long Shadow of Chernobyl. 32-53. Richard Stone reports on the physical and often debilitating psychological effects on those who lived through the nuclear reactor disaster. Those newly at risk include the selfless “stalkers” who still monitor the state of the reactor fuel, and the elderly residents who have moved back to the exclusion zone. Photos by Gerd Ludwig.
  • 2006 April–National Geographic magazine. Nuclear Power: Risking a Comeback. 54-63. The nuclear power industry stalled out after the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl disasters, but a renaissance appears to be underway, reports Charles Petit. See why nuclear power might be the green way to go.
  • 2005 August–National Geographic magazine. Future Power: Where Will the World Get Its Next Energy Fix? 2-31. Solar, wind, biomass, nuclear, and the dream of fusion power. None are free, but could free the world from fossil fuels. Michael Parfit weighs their pros and cons; photos by Sarah Leen.

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