St. Patrick’s Day (NG Revisited)

Celtic settlement on Skelling Michael. Little Skellig in distance; photo by James P. Blair, 1989

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a virtual visit to the Emerald Isle. Meet Clonycavan Man, eerily preserved in an Irish peat bog for almost 2,000 years, right down to his pompadour. Then explore the Celtic realm from its beginnings to modern day worshippers. Wrap up with a trio of Celtic music styles and a quiz on Ireland’s capital, Dublin; if you answer all the questions correctly then the luck of the Irish is with you!

  • 2007 September–National Geographic magazine. Tales From the Bog. 80-93. Bog bodies have been found all over northern Europe, including in Ireland. Read about Clonycavan Man, found in 2003, who may have been a murder victim or ritual sacrifice. Karen E. Lange explores the mystery surrounding these bodies; photos by Robert Clark.
  • 2006 March–National Geographic magazine. Celt Appeal. 74-95. Tom O’Neill reports on a culture that once seemed destined for extinction, but has somehow held on and even flourished: “By clinging to the fringes, geographically and culturally, Celts refused to vanish.” Photos by Jim Richardson.
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