Invasive Munchies (Earth Current)

Diners eating snails; photo by Justin Locke

Invasive species have profound negative effects on ecosystems. They can displace or cause the extinction of native plant and animal life, increase soil erosion and fire hazards, clog waterways and damage the economy. On the plus side, however, some of them are quite tasty.

LiveScience reports on a new website, Invasivore, that strives to use that deliciousness to counter the damage caused by invasives. Invasivore’s founders, three graduate students, encourage consumers to eat invasive species. According to the site: “From prehistoric times, humans have had an amazing track-record of severely reducing the populations of species we eat.  Indeed, it seems that much of the time we can’t stop ourselves.  Can we tap that hunger to reduce the impacts of harmful invasive species?  We think the answer is Yes!”

Invasivore provides recipes featuring invasives–such as mysterysnail fettuccine,  blackberry custard pie, and pan-fried tilapia, as well as species profiles and related news.

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