About This Blog

Welcome to Dispatches from the Stacks, a blog by the National Geographic Society Library and Archives. Pulled together by our library staff, this space aims to offer fellow librarians, archivists, book lovers, and National Geographic members a glimpse inside the collections of National Geographic. We will share some of the gems that can be found on our bookshelves, our archives, and in our web pages. Whether you’re interested in breaking news about a recent scientific discovery or discovering an old-fashioned adventure tale, like you, we think that good stories about the world — and everything in it – never get old.

We have more than 30,000 books, atlases and maps in our library, and new material arrives every month. The scope of our collection is as wide-ranging as our explorer’s travels. Our books cover everything from the latest research on global warming to an 1897 chronicle of Robert Peary’s trip to the Arctic. Our archives contain accounts from over 120 years of expeditions across the globe by our correspondents and grantees. They include letters from Robert Byrd, interviews with Jane Goodall, and recordings of Jacques Cousteau. We’d love to know what you’re reading, researching, and thinking about too. Comments are welcome.

-The National Geographic Library & Archives