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A Royal Wedding Primer (NG Revisited)

Do you know who the Baron of Renfrew is? It’s Prince Charles, father of the groom! If you are planning to watch the royal wedding of William and Kate Middleton this Friday it’s time to brush up on London and all things royal. Check … Continue reading

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Earth Day and E-waste (NG Revisited)

April 22nd is Earth Day. Mark the day by learning what happens to your e-waste, possibly despite your best efforts. You have generated e-waste if you’ve ever discarded a computer, monitor, cell phone, or television. Chris Carroll reported in the 2008 National Geographic … Continue reading

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Eagles Take Their Star Turn (NG Revisited)

The Raptor Resource Project in Decorah, Iowa, has mounted an eagle webcam (eagle webcam FAQs), to track the daily life of a nesting bald eagle pair who are hatching eaglets. The sturdy looking nest is high up in a cottonwood tree with large twigs and small branches on … Continue reading

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Women Photographers in the Middle East (NG Revisited)

While photographing the recent revolt in Libya Lynsey Addario was captured and later released, along with three other journalists; their story was recounted in the New York Times. Addario discussed the benefits and drawbacks of being a woman photographer in places … Continue reading

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In Case You Run Into a Cobra… (NG Revisited)

An Egyptian cobra escaped recently from the Bronx Zoo in New York, prompting a wide search and a twitter feed purportedly written by the cobra itself, keeping the public updated on its whereabouts. Did you know that king cobras can live 20 years? … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day (NG Revisited)

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a virtual visit to the Emerald Isle. Meet Clonycavan Man, eerily preserved in an Irish peat bog for almost 2,000 years, right down to his pompadour. Then explore the Celtic realm from its beginnings to modern day worshippers. Wrap up … Continue reading

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Living With Nuclear Power (NG Revisited)

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has resulted in damage to one nuclear reactor on Honshu Island, and a second is at risk. The world has seen nuclear disasters before, notably 25 years ago next month, in Chernobyl. Use … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and Tsunamis (NG Revisited)

A damaging earthquake and tsunami hit Japan early today, triggering tsunami warnings around the Pacific. Find out about earthquakes and tsunamis from our website and past National Geographic content: Tusnami 101 facts, video, and a photo gallery of past tsunamis. Earthquake profile, including safety tips, and … Continue reading

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NG Revisited: International Mother Language Day

Every 14 days a language dies, according to the Enduring Voices Project. February 21st is International Mother Language Day, as proclaimed by the United Nations, “…to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.” Languages represent who we are, and sometimes who … Continue reading

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The Mating Game

Consider the male bowerbird who builds and decorates intricate bowers that Martha Stewart might envy—some zen-like and some covered with bling—solely to impress the ladies. If you like a snappy dresser, cast your gaze on birds of paradise; they are dazzling and they know it, with elaborate … Continue reading

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